Back Treatment ...... $65
A deep cleansing of the back with exfoliation, extraction, and mask. Excellent for refining skin texture and for acne problems.

Lymphatic Drainage Cellulite Treatment ...... $65
Series of 10 ...... $550

A state-of-the-art approach to moving the fluids that cause the bumpy appearance of cellulite. A rhythmic sucktion is performed with our one of a kind equipment to aid the system in eliminating toxins. Series and home treatment program recommended.

Mind & Body Rejuvenation ...... $50
The full body dry brushing is a superior skin-conditioning program that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. It is also great as an anti-stress treatment with phenomenal relaxation properties and detoxifying effects.

French Soft & Silk Salt Glow ...... $75
This luxurious treatment combines light body brushing, nourishing salt crystals, essential oils, and a special body care balm that will make the skin feel glowing , vibrant, replenished, and softer than silk.

Perfect Legs ...... $90
All day on your feet? We have something for you! Very relaxing and distressing, this foot treatment cools and comforts the legs and feet, dispelling the day's tension. You will notice visible results, instant relief, lighter feeling legs, session after session.

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